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​"kiss that sax"
"thesaxcafe is a refreshing approach to learning the saxophone"
At thesaxcafe I am working very hard at lowering the barriers associated with learning the saxophone. People are usually discouraged from learning to play this beautiful instrument because of the following main barriers:
  • The expense of buying and owning a saxophone and its associated accessories before being sure of one's long term commitment
  • The cost and the pressure of having frequent lessons for a long period.
  • The thought of not sounding like a master e.g. Kenny G after your first lesson!
  • The thought of being a noise nuisance to the neighbours. 

At thesaxcafe, you can begin to learn and improve using my video clips.
My video clips have been designed to help you grow in confidence and develop your own unique style.
Because I don't charge for my services, you can keep going, keep learning, at your pace. 
When you decide to buy or upgrade your sax, I have a video clip to support you through the process. I even have a video clip to help you care for your sax  through very basic repair and service you could carryout.
Finally I will support your learning and development by periodically putting on Masterclasses and Concerts from established saxophone players.