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​"kiss that sax"
Beginners & Growing Sax Players
I want to help you enjoy playing the saxophone.
Play with your sax......
Feel the fear and play your sax
  1. Practice Practice Practice
    "I'm very serious about what I do. I practice every day for three hours. I work on my scales; I work on my tone. But otherwise, I like to have fun." Kenny G
  2. Beginners - Start Slow
    Play for a minimum rate of an hour per week. Use our video clips to begin building your playing foundation. Learn and play the basics. Continue to build your saxophone playing foundation through the use of simple scales and songs routines.
  3. Growing - Jazz it up!
    Play for a minimum rate of 9 hours per week. Use a combination of our video clips to continue to develop your saxophone playing through more complex scales and songs routines. Develop a formula to support your continuous improvement.
  4. Make Your Sax Sing
    "If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At it's best it's like the human voice" - Stan Getz
  5. Masterclass
    Depending on the level interest and availability, we will from time to time produce video clips where you receive tips from an expert in terms of professional saxophone playing.
  6. Develop your Unique Sound
    "I made the tenor saxophone - there's nobody plays like me and I don't play like anybody else" - Coleman Hawkins
What We Do
Help you enjoy playing your Saxophone!

At thesaxcafe I am working very hard at lowering the barriers associated with learning the saxophone encouraging you to commit to growing with this beautiful instrument.
You can begin to learn and grow your saxophone playing using my video clips.
My video clips are delivered in a fun and factual manner, helping you grow in confidence and develop your own unique style.
I do not charge for my services but you can support me if you fancy, by keeping me going and say thank you by "making a small donation". I  will encourage you to keep going and to keep learning.
When you decide to buy or upgrade your sax, I have a video clip to support you through the process.  I even have a video clip to help you care for your sax  through very basic repair and service you could carryout.
Finally I will support your learning and development by periodically putting on Masterclasses and Concerts from established saxophone players.
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Who am I?
A refreshing approach to learning to play the saxophone
  1. Manny Ajala
    I am an established business improvement coach and an ever growing and developing saxophonist. Saxophone playing is my hobby so I just love to help other people like me wanting to grow, enjoy playing their sax. Get that sax out from under the bed, or the loft and lets have fun playing this beautiful instrument.
Beginners & Growing Phases
This is an important period of time that allows you to grow and develop your playing as a saxophonist. My video clips have been developed helping create a good environment where you are allowed to learn especially sometimes through mistakes and have some fun enjoying the learning process.